The gift called TODAY

Today! is a gift God has given. And like all His gifts, it is good and must be received with joy no matter what surrounds us.

Psalm 118:24
We make the best of today by appreciating that it was made by God. You see, no matter how successful or unfortunate yesterday was, you were never guaranteed another day except by God’s divine providence. The right attitude for any good gift is to rejoice that you have it and that it’s yours for the taking. And even better, this particular gift has all you need in one day.

Matt. 6:34
When we rejoice in today we can then decide not to worry about tomorrow.
You can definitely think about tomorrow and prepare for it today, but it is unwise to use today worrying because it steals from what you have today, which is all you actually have to work with.

Hebrews 2:7-8,15
Another amazing thing about today is that God is speaking and you can hear Him today even if you missed Him yesterday. What is He communicating through the circumstance you find yourself in today? You can hear Him now and not harden your heart. His voice will bring you the storehouse of treasures which he has deposited in each new day. They are new every morning!

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