Safety Practices for the soul

In times of uncertainty and increasing worry, it is well and good that the world focuses on the practices that protect our bodies from harm. That is their realm and we must always look to act wisely in that area.
However, there is a realm out of which all the issues of life proceed. When news and worry eclipse the unseen realm (spititual) we become susceptible to many other woes that may not even be physical.

It is for this reason that 1 Thess 5:16-18 prescribes the standard practice for a healthy believer in every circumstance.
1. Rejoice always- stay joyful in your words, songs and confessions.
2. Pray continuously: Engage the supernatural, don’t ever lose sight of it, that is where your advantage it.
3. In everything give thanks: Stay grateful and thankful because you are an overcomer in every circumstance.

Stay healthy!